Mrs Magooty was, from 2005 to September 2016, Sarah Longfield's small pop up bead shop.  She sold beads, other crafty delights alongside organising an annual Bead Retreat for Glasgow beadwork group, Beadwildered.

In Spring 2016, Sarah embarked on a research project, Crafty in Fife.  This started us on a new journey, seeking to combine our range of arts and craft practice into a single organisation.

In October 2016 Mrs Magooty became a limited company.  We aim to try something new.  To see if we can create a different model for an arts company that will be more sustainable than a grant funded model where commercial endeavour can sit in harmony with social impact and artistic exploration.

In 2017 we hope to change Mrs M into a social enterprise where our retail efforts and our participatory arts projects will work in symbiosis (rather than the trade being something to apologise for or the social impact being something less important than turnover.

See our blog for stories about this journey.