About Sarah Longfield, our Creative Director

I'm originally from Slough.  I studied Drama at the University of Bristol, followed by a post-grad MA in Cultural Performance also at Bristol with Prof. Baz Kershaw and Welfare State International


I have been living and working in Glasgow since 2000, with 12 years of that time as the Artistic Director of Toonspeak Young People's Theatre.


Alongside my adventure with Mrs Magooty I am a founding director and the producer of See Think Make which is the development, support and training agency for Arts Award in Scotland.

Other freelance work has spanned the years, working with some fabulous participatory arts organisations like Giant Productions, Ignite Theatre and TAG, among many others.

I am a mum to two little boys and, somewhat incongruously, am an F1 fan.

For Culture 2014, as part of the Commonwealth Games, my little boys and I created a theatre piece about our family's experience of the games coming to town.  Here's some photos and quotes about that super special little show, "3, 6 & 36".


"It takes a performer in a thousand, though, to realise that two little lads as young as Ben and Ollie are perfectly capable of rehearsing, learning and performing a gorgeous 50 minute show... The show that emerges is really the most glorious hymn to the pure joy of motherhood... Sarah Longfield adores her gorgeous boys and it's impossible to resist a show that reveals an outwardly ordinary woman so transfigured by love and joy." ★★★★ THE SCOTSMAN


"merrily engaging little show... Longfield's astutely structured production becomes a nicely thoughtful reflection on what the whole Culture 2014 / Commonwealth Games extravaganza amounted to when seen through the eyes of a child." ★★★ THE HERALD


“The most enjoyable theatrical experience I have ever had.  So funny, sweet and touching, your wee monologue at the end made me cry, so honest and beautiful.  Thank you for making my week” Audience Member.

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